Meet the team.

Dedicated Pros

Our highly trained and certified professionals are often up early and out late in order to ensure every job is done to perfection.

Forward Thinkers

We’re not here to pressure or upsell you. In fact, our team is always looking for the most efficient ways to keep your business running at full capacity.


Problem Solvers

We’re used to helping clients with unique needs that our competition isn’t used to seeing. Whether it’s cleaning up former work or coming up with a new solution in a non-standard environment, our team has you covered.

Customer Support

We’re passionate about what we do and are just as passionate about our clients. Have a question? Call us. Need some guidance? Email us. We’re happy to accommodate!

Your success is our success, and we love sharing in it with you. From consult to concrete, we’re here to help.


John Nelson

John Nelson


On paper, John’s hobbies and interests may seem simple: bicycling and skiing.

When he’s not working (which isn’t a lot!), John enjoys blazing the steep, snowy mountain slopes skiing – both nordic and alpine. His favorite non-local spots include some of the more well-known mountains in Colorado.

John is also an avid cyclist. He regularly competes and trains across the country (and is pretty darn good at it, too). If you’re into biking, he’s the man to talk to.

Sharing in his passions are his wonderful wife and 2 boys. They regularly spend time on the lake in the summer, and even find time with restoration projects. Among the array of projects, you’re likely to find some old cars brought back to life.

Brian Potter

Brian Potter

Technical Solutions Manager

Brian started out his career in circuit board manufacturing locally in Chippewa Falls, WI while at Johnson-Matthey. His expertise was enhancing machine efficiency which led to a reduction in product defects. He further developed his skills at W.L. Gore & Associates (which later became 3M), which led to knowledge in controls and automation. Experience with state-of-the-art chemical processing, photo etch, and product assembly equipment was a regular part of his day – which ultimately prepared him for his role at WIScale.

By evaluating existing customers’ weighing processes, Brian introduced automated weighing into the workflow. This allowed customers to ultimately improve efficiency – a key component to saving both time and money.

When Brian isn’t working, he’s usually spending time with his lovely wife and 2 children. Sports and extra-curriculars with school make up a large portion of the week.

Karl Hanson

Karl Hanson

Heavy Capacity Manager

Karl manages WIScale’s heavy capacity department performing calibrations on truck, crane, and rail scales. You’ll often see him driving the “Test Truck,” a vehicle certified for loads of up to 200,000 lbs!

When he’s not working, Karl is likely to be found either spending time with his awesome wife and 4 kids or volunteering at church (or both!). He serves as a youth leader on a weekly basis when he isn’t mixing for the worship team on the soundboards. Formally moonlighting as a professional DJ has equipped Karl with the communication skills he uses daily on the job.
Outside of church, Karl and the family spend time outdoors hunting, camping, and fishing.

Especially during the cold Wisconsin winters, you’ll notice Karl’s wisdom and authority both elevated by the presence of his beard :)

Anne Hines

Anne Hines

Office Manager

Anne graduated from UMD with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. Her training included a strong foundation with scientific procedures and attention to detail – both of which should give any customer peace of mind knowing their calibration data is accurate.

She moved to the Chippewa Valley in 2001 from Minnesota with her husband for his job. Along with their daughter, they regularly enjoy everything the Valley has to offer: boating, snowmobiling, and anything outdoors.

Anne’s daughter competes for a local gymnastics association. When she isn’t being ‘mom’ for her daughter at the competitions, Anne also volunteers as one of the association’s board members.

Against the recommendation of her friends and family, Anne wants to make it known that she still proudly wears purple on football Sundays with no intention of sporting green & gold..

Jake Rubenzer

Jake Rubenzer

Scale Technician

Jake is the newest addition to the WIScale family and is primarily responsible for light-medium scale calibrations. Using his Industrial Mechanics Degree, Jake brings a strong troubleshooting and problem-solving background to the table. In order to ensure minimal downtime for customers, he’s also being cross-trained to help service heavy capacity scales.

His interests outside of work are typical of many twenty-somethings in Midwest Wisconsin. Much of his time is spent outdoors hunting and fishing. He also invests a lot of time working on his truck.

Jake also makes a great effort to visit with his grandma as much as possible.